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From chocolates to boiled lollies

Discussion in 'The Main Board but with less BAWW about Essendrug' started by jimmy35, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. jimmy35

    jimmy35 TLC Original Umpire

    Vale Darrell, it's been a rocky road.
  2. Guy Incognito

    Guy Incognito End Apartheid

    Sounds like their choc bombed
  3. Mr Percival

    Mr Percival Beard up, it's just so hipster Umpire

    Mentioned this at work today, and one of the crazzy bishes pipes up with " its their own fault, they need an online store !"

    When I gently coaxed ;) her for moar of her economic rationale, she offered up this " if they had sold gift baskets online, they'd be still a profitable business"

    I did suggest that maybe it is as simple as them not selling enough product full stop: based on the usual factors: Retail is flat, manufacturing costs are high, carbon tax, climate change...

    I then went & did some work, while 3 or 4 people debated how "an Australian institution" could go bad.

    Fuck I work with some fucken spuds.
  4. Soup Nazi

    Soup Nazi No Soup For You

    Charge $20 for 3 chocolates and wonder why people aren't buying.

    Stupid cunts will be stupid
  5. JockStewart

    JockStewart DELETED @Users Request

    Yeah but they should have sold gft baskets online, don't try and avoid the real issue here percival.
  6. peternorth

    peternorth Umpire

    sounds like they've roasted almonds
  7. Geelong_Sicko

    Geelong_Sicko proud Enemy of Israel Umpire

    looks like their accountant was a glass and a half short of a commerce degree.
  8. Hoffy

    Hoffy Geelong are a, c & g Umpire

    Good licorice imo.

  9. crackers57

    crackers57 TLC Immortal

    Couldn't see it myself
  10. Blitzer

    Blitzer "The GOATSE vs the True GOATSE" Umpire

    Bought the showbag one year, was shithouse compared to the Cadbury one and others of that ilk.
  11. Syd

    Syd TLC Original Stiff Member Stiff Member Umpire

    Will not fold, but clearly having overpriced shit chocolates in n exxy Westfield setting clearly not the best distribution model.

    Most likely outcome will be closure of said stores and a new range of overpriced shit in your local Coles or Woolies similar to Krispy Kremes store closures and new sales channel at 7-11

    Come at me st00pid office bish!
  12. Mr Percival

    Mr Percival Beard up, it's just so hipster Umpire

    No online stores, or gift baskets ? Clearly your suggested business model will fail too.

    Will suggest though, maybe at lunchtime. :cool:
  13. JockStewart

    JockStewart DELETED @Users Request


    Now 7-11 got rid of their cheaper donuts and have only krispy kreme and each donut is between 3.50 and 4 bucks.

    God i hate 7-11. IS there any reason why on one bock on collins st there are 3 7-11..two within meters and another one across the road.
  14. Mr Percival

    Mr Percival Beard up, it's just so hipster Umpire

    This ^ !

    And apart from the krispy kreme shit tasting all greasy & american, those 7-11 cunts have deprived new generations of aussie kids of one of the greatest know treats ever:

    The Pineapple Donut ! :eek:
  15. Guy Incognito

    Guy Incognito End Apartheid

    If someone shops at 7-11 there is a good chance that an extra 10 meter walk will be a deal breaker.
  16. JockStewart

    JockStewart DELETED @Users Request

    I fucken agree! Like we havent americanised a new generation enough they replace the pineapple donut with the plane horrid tasting glazed krispy kreme.

    I blame the majority of Indian families that have bought 7-11 and send thier stupid off spring to australia to run them.
  17. Mr Percival

    Mr Percival Beard up, it's just so hipster Umpire


    ( and to drive cabs ) :bert:
  18. Gina Rinehart

    Gina Rinehart Thick as pigshit

    and ring people
  19. Norge

    Norge Hippies, kill them with fire. Umpire

    and fuck every resource project they are involved in.
  20. JockStewart

    JockStewart DELETED @Users Request

    They just have no sense of class nor style. They are quick to latch on the most trashiest bits of society.

    I created a nice working environment at work, i made sure we had lamps on each desk and created a nice warm and homely feel. Work decides it needs to hire developers for a major project so they hire Indians.

    Fuck me they are usually the first here and usually all of them turn on the fluro lights and are happy to work in a 1980s environment. I turn off the fluro and turn on all the desk lamps and the cunts then turn on the fluros again.

    They heat up their food in microwaves and don't bother cleaning them. So the top of my microwave looks like someones arse exploded (they dont cover when reheating as i have told them a few times) and then the oven smells like stale curries.

    They play their fucken bollywood music all the time without headphones.

    They don't wash their hands after they do a shit.

    They wobble their heads in annoying fashion.

    Thats it i am going to ACA and TT with this, i've had enough!
  21. Norge

    Norge Hippies, kill them with fire. Umpire

    Head wobbling, how can you take someone seriously when they look like one of those fucken dolls you put on your dashboard?

    We had 14 of the cunts come up to Russia in 2006 that were vegetarian. The food in the camp did not suit them, so they had a sit in at the site office for a week before we Shanghaied 7 to the oil fields 750km north & broke the other 7 & made them pay their own way home because they did not want to work.
    It was not they did not want to work they were probably too weak to after a week of fuck all tucker.:D
  22. JockStewart

    JockStewart DELETED @Users Request

    They are weak. I always feel bad when i tell one of the cunts off for being a mong. I just have to breathe on a few of them and they will blow away.

    I guess thats where their passive aggressive nature comes from as indians are known be physically weak.

    Still they annoy me only because they are still stuck in the dark ages and are massive social retards.
  23. Mr Percival

    Mr Percival Beard up, it's just so hipster Umpire

    And they smell.

    And their fucken sing-song accent is fucken annoying

    And their should be a law that prevents them conversing to each other in their own language.

    Fucken Putt-putt Ding-ding Cunts
  24. JockStewart

    JockStewart DELETED @Users Request

    I have smelt aussies that stink worst than Indians tbh. Indians only smell like curry because the spices that are used in a curry are thick and sticky. Ever walk out of a curry house? You stink like a sunil!!

    Another issue i have which i find a bit confusing is the following.

    An Indian family will buy up a franchise, wither it be a maccas or a red rooter or a 7-11. They proceed to get rid of the whole stuff which is made up of anglos, euros, asians and other ethnic groups. Then you walk in the next week and the whole staff are Indian. From the cunt making burgers to the 15 year old cleaning the dunnies. You never see a non Indian.

    Now why havent these families been charged with racial discrimination of any kind? If i were to buy a maccas and replaced the whole staff with white only people i would be done for on so many levels.

    yet Indians are allowed too. Why? I know we pamper to the minorities here to make them feel part of our society BUT indians alreayd come with a class system mentality which is racist to boot yet we accommodate and allow that thinking.

    I'm ringing Alan Jones up in Sydney and Neil Mitchell in Melbs to complain.
  25. jimmy35

    jimmy35 TLC Original Umpire

    They smell spicy. And not good spicy.
  26. JockStewart

    JockStewart DELETED @Users Request

    Have you ever sat amongst a few aussies on a monday morning after they have had a massive bender? Fuck me it's one of my hates - the smell of dank, swampy next day alcohol breath.

    God i hate it so much and it makes me sick.

    Swamp breath is the pits. If you want to get sick travel on a sunshine train on peak hour and you get a cross between swampy, curry and garlic aromas. Fucken rank.
  27. jimmy35

    jimmy35 TLC Original Umpire

    Or the Sunday morning tram down to St Kilda.
  28. jimmy35

    jimmy35 TLC Original Umpire

  29. Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin drugs are fun! Umpire

    There's better chocolate around if people want to buy some serious gourmet shit.

    Darrell Lea was average at best.
  30. Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin drugs are fun! Umpire

    I haven't seen a genuine pineapple donut in years fucken. :mad:

    I got sick of seeing cunts around these parts go fucking stupid about bring back boxes of Krispy Kremes from over east.

    My sister kept gong on about how fucking good they were when I said that it's just a donut and she said it's so much more than that. I told her it's no wonder she's fat.
  31. JockStewart

    JockStewart DELETED @Users Request

    Up until 15 years ago we aussies only knew of cadbury and darrell lea. Most thought as i did as well, that we had the best chocolate in the world.

    Then Lindt started selling their warez and others followed suit and we now wonder how we went for many years eating crappy sub standard chocolate.

    Does anyone remember back in the early 90s when ferro roche was considered to be the best chocolate ever?

    Or tobaloron (sp) bar was the bees knees.
  32. JockStewart

    JockStewart DELETED @Users Request

    Krispy Kreme has gone south since the hype died down and people actually started to realise that their donuts were shit. Seriously they taste sickly sweet and not in a good way.
  33. Mr Percival

    Mr Percival Beard up, it's just so hipster Umpire

    You are not alone with that summation.

    “Organic Free Trade” would have saved them :eek:

    FTMFW. ( how can 6 yr old Ethiopian children afford cigarettes in a Free Trade world ?)

  34. JockStewart

    JockStewart DELETED @Users Request

    Man i am going to start doing non organic stuff so i can piss of the organic hipsters with their organic lifestyle choices.

    I will go and sit in a fair trade cafe somewhere in fitzroy or where the fuck they hang out, take out a big can of nescafe, a litre of full cream milk, some nestle choclate and order a glass of warm water and maybe some bread so i can stay there. Then i will make myself a hot stinking cup of instant coffee and ask the hipsters in the cafe if they want some of my nestle chocolate.
  35. Hugh Differential

    Hugh Differential AFL Umpiring Afficianado

    Toblerones are nice but nothing to get carried away with.

    Belgium is supposed to be where the best chocolate comes from along with waffles but I tried both there and they were nothing to write home about either. I'm not much of a sweet tooth though, I was more impressed with Belgian beer than Belgian chocolate or waffles.
  36. JockStewart

    JockStewart DELETED @Users Request

    Toblerones were nice back in the day. But they changed some of the ingredients and it now taste like shit.

    Same as cadbury, they changed their oil a few years back and now cadbury chocolate taste like compound cheap shit. Its horrid.

    I am a chocoholic.
  37. Hugh Differential

    Hugh Differential AFL Umpiring Afficianado

    Haven't had either Toblerones or Cadburys for a while.

    About the only chocolate I eat is at Easter or the occasional Snickers bar.
  38. Gina Rinehart

    Gina Rinehart Thick as pigshit

    Aldi chocolate goes very OK and is dirt cheap
  39. jaxxon

    jaxxon ... Umpire

    I've tried a lot of chocolate, but I still enjoy plain old Cadbury. Had some from the Margaret River Chocolate Factory the other day, it was pretty good, nice and smooth. I'm a bit over Lindt though...a few years back I was getting kilos of their chocolate free, guess oversupply will do that to anything.

    Any other recommendations?
  40. Syd

    Syd TLC Original Stiff Member Stiff Member Umpire

    I prefer the boiled lollies as the chocolate melts in my pockets and makes it much harder to attract the kiddies.
  41. Blitzer

    Blitzer "The GOATSE vs the True GOATSE" Umpire

    Correct weight, I do get the odd one from there too! :thumbsu: Still my favourite is Toblerone, best chocolate ever!
  42. Mr Percival

    Mr Percival Beard up, it's just so hipster Umpire

    Inbox me, I will come along just for the Lulz....

    (while you distract them inside, I'll let down the tyres on their "fixedies" outside)
  43. JockStewart

    JockStewart DELETED @Users Request

    Haighs goes alright.
  44. Gus

    Gus Umpire

    Van Leuven's in Naracoorte.
  45. Kingy

    Kingy Growing up in maturity Umpire

    Haighs shits on all of them.

    For all of the crap people are coming up with about Darrell Lea failing, the fact is, their product had turned to shit, and people like Haighs are offering a vastly superior product, at a relatively small premium.

    Haighs have stores in blue chip sites everywhere, fuck all online presence, barely advertise, yet they're going from strength to strength - because their product is top shelf.
  46. Keith Myath

    Keith Myath Honor thy s00z Umpire

    Couldn't agree with you more with this. Tastes like plain chocolates with chips of cardboard in them now. Their chocolate isn't sweet at all.

    Haighs are outstanding. Real smooth and good texture. The people who work in their shops know chocolate too and know what your mrs/mother/sister/women you're buying for will likely like by telling them what average cadbury chocolate they tend to favour.
  47. Nathan Horsecock

    Nathan Horsecock I am a famous racehorse! Umpire

    They should have sold gift baskets online, if they did this they'd still be a profitable business.
    Been discussing this around the office at work, can't believe an Australian institution could go bad.
  48. JockStewart

    JockStewart DELETED @Users Request

    Those baskets, sold as gifts online, would have saved this 'straylian institute.
  49. Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin drugs are fun! Umpire

    Almost worth the trip to Adelaide to go to the factory.

    How the fuck Darrell Lea even made it this far in South Australia at least with Haigh's close by has me fucked.
  50. Norge

    Norge Hippies, kill them with fire. Umpire

    They should have tapped into the dark chocolate market for darker people. There seems to be a few about of late.

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