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Latest movie you've seen?

Discussion in 'The Main Board but with less BAWW about Essendrug' started by LondonCalling, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. LondonCalling

    LondonCalling Aussiefooty аdmin

    So just finished watching The Alibi.....s'bout this bloke who runs this agency for people who want to cheat on their husbands, and they do all this undercover shit to cover for them, then this guy kills some bitch, and shit gets real.

    Everyone else seemed to hate it, but I can't not like anything Steve Coogan does. I recommend it.

    Whattya got?
  2. Majak Milne

    Majak Milne TLC Original Administrator Umpire

    Anal Debutantes Volume 4
  3. pepe

    pepe Born to Swallow Administrator Umpire

    Yep seen that one LC, bit of a twist at the end also. :thumbsu:
  4. crackers57

    crackers57 TLC Immortal

    I know, I know....the chick's got a cock.
  5. Geelong_Sicko

    Geelong_Sicko proud Enemy of Israel Umpire

    Funny... I always heard that Coogan was a cockless detective, Maybe he gave her his?
  6. Mancey

    Mancey Waiting for the Price Drop Stiff Member

    Gran Tourino on Sunday night. Was good standard Eastwood fare. Bit heavy handed but liked it all the same
  7. Hoffy

    Hoffy Geelong are a, c & g Umpire

    The cunt with a heart of gold who deep down loves zipperheads. :thumbsu:

  8. Gina Rinehart

    Gina Rinehart Thick as pigshit

  9. Hoffy

    Hoffy Geelong are a, c & g Umpire

    LOL. I actually thought he was replying to MM until you pointed that out and didn't bat an eyelid!*

    *May or may not have batted something else.
  10. Dr Andy

    Dr Andy bluffin with my muffin

    tropic thunder

    what a fucking waste of 90 minutes of my life
  11. crackers57

    crackers57 TLC Immortal

    It was pretty crap, but I thought Tom Cruise was a fucking crack up......best role he's had for years
  12. Cletus Van Damme

    Cletus Van Damme Rambo is a pussy.

    Transporter 3 last night. It kicked arse. Jason Statham is a God amongst men. Can't wait for Crank 2.
  13. Dr Andy

    Dr Andy bluffin with my muffin

    oh shit yeah, but enduring the 90% of bullshit for that was hardly worth it.

    heath ledger as the joker in the dark night -now that was worth enduring the bullshit christian bale came up with for.
  14. thegrach

    thegrach "I'm an F-18 Bro!"

    Never go full tard andy.
  15. Hoffy

    Hoffy Geelong are a, c & g Umpire

    Unless you want to be on global ignore.
  16. Ron

    Ron Dirty Newbie

    Zack and Miri.

    It was ok, but i was expecting better.
  17. NOT MrAaron

    NOT MrAaron TLC Original Stiff Member Umpire

    whatever the fuck that movie is with Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore where he plays poker.

    Not too bad, but pretty hoary and none too subtle - was pretty predictable
  18. Gina Rinehart

    Gina Rinehart Thick as pigshit

    I saw Bolt
    Disney Pixar
    I am a big CGI Big screen fan
    this is worse than average
  19. LondonCalling

    LondonCalling Aussiefooty аdmin

    I reckon you're just shitty that you misread the synopsis, and didn't have a Herald Sun columnist to throw jaffas at the whole film...
  20. Dr Andy

    Dr Andy bluffin with my muffin

    you got me there, he was awesome
  21. Oscar Wilde

    Oscar Wilde Weedy ferker

    I coulda wasted only 4 seconds of your life telling you to stay the fuck away from that film.

    For me, I can't remember the last new release film I watched :( considering there is over a 1000 dvds in this fuckin' house it's kinda sad.

    But last night I watched Back to The Future.. First time watching it with a mature mind. Great film. :D
  22. Mancey

    Mancey Waiting for the Price Drop Stiff Member

    Just watched In Bruge on my lazy friday arvo off.

    Not bad. Fuckin lol when he blinds that poor **** with the blanks.

    Farrell is at his mad **** best in this
  23. Hoffy

    Hoffy Geelong are a, c & g Umpire

    In all fairness, Jack Black's epic quote in Tropic Thunder is worth hanging in for.

    "I'll cradle the balls, stroke the shaft, work the pipe and swallow the gravy".
  24. jimmy35

    jimmy35 TLC Original Umpire

    Hotel for Dogs .
  25. Oscar Wilde

    Oscar Wilde Weedy ferker

    Just finished watching Burn After Reading.

    Spoiler alert:

    It makes absolutely no sense.
  26. burny

    burny Blanket mover

    That movie was a crack up. Clooney was unreal, I usually hate him.
    That movie was terrible - Lucky Me. Predictable and shocking acting.

    In Bruges is the best movie I've seen lately. Great acting by Farrell, awesome classic Britich humour. Top guns.

    Latest Movie I have seen is Vertigo (1958). I thought it was pretty ordinary - simply because James Stewart was fucking horrible in it. His voice sounds like the way a penis would talk and he looks like Richard Nixon.
  27. Jack Frost

    Jack Frost Do you like eating out ?

    Boogie Nights
  28. Oscar Wilde

    Oscar Wilde Weedy ferker

    I like him but he was brilliant here. He was also good in Three Kings.
  29. Gina Rinehart

    Gina Rinehart Thick as pigshit

    gotta luv Burt ,great film

    they had a great thing on 3RRR a few years back when he read his autobiograhy
    funny shit
  30. LondonCalling

    LondonCalling Aussiefooty аdmin

    Aren't you 16?
  31. Kingy

    Kingy Growing up in maturity Umpire

    It makes sense, and it's funny in parts.

    But, overall, the movie is absolutely fucking rubbish.
  32. Oscar Wilde

    Oscar Wilde Weedy ferker

    Yeah I'm 16. I haven't watched it since I was 8.

    and I thought it was pretty good King. Each to their own :)
  33. Swamp


    The only time I laughed was when Brad Pitt got shot in the face

    It's ridiculous american 'upper class' class humour, where tthe cohen's have tried to make a funny movie only 'smart' people would get, so they just made it as obscure and confusing as possible. It's like the emporers new clothes to an extent. everyone look sat each other going 'wow, so smart, so witty' but insie they are like 'wtf'
  34. Fapio

    Fapio fed up with this world!

    My Bloody Valentine. A movie rated R with high level violence, sex scenes & nudity? How can it go wrong? Especially since its in 3D.

    By being a piece of shit, that's why. Don't fucking bother.
  35. Geelong_Sicko

    Geelong_Sicko proud Enemy of Israel Umpire

    Last night I had a double dose of Sam Neil. I cracked open the 2-disk Special Edition of Event Horizon. Fuck I love this movie. Good to finally hear more of the story on how the studio fucked the movie up. Just like the story behind Alien 3, the powers that be in movie studios are immense fuckwits who only think about audience appeal (money) instead of real creativity.

    What a bunch of cunts.

    Next was In the Mouth of Madness. Weird shit poking its way through cracks in 'our reality'. H. P Lovecraft would have fapped off if he'd seen it. Seriously cool movie.
  36. Hugh Differential

    Hugh Differential AFL Umpiring Afficianado

    I remember seeing Event Horizon when it came out around 10 yrs ago, the first half or so was great but then it just started to get stupid. I haven't seen the special edition version so I don't know if that was due to the studio fucking up the ending or not.
  37. Oscar Wilde

    Oscar Wilde Weedy ferker

    Alien 3 got ruined because of Signourey fuckin' Weaver. She isn't the star of the Alien series, the Alien is. She didn't want any guns in it so the film got ruined through shittiness.

    Otherwise Event Horizon and In The Mouth Of Madness are both brilliant films. Event Horizon got fucked by the studio because the first test audience they showed it to were "distressed" by the violence in it, so they cut alot of it out and then destroyed it because they never thought of releasing an extended version. In The Mouth Of Madness is a great film is quite disturbing, it's brilliant. Geelong Sicko = Good taste.
  38. Mancey

    Mancey Waiting for the Price Drop Stiff Member

    Ah i love the cohen brothers. But if i had to describe a lot of their humour succinctly, i would do so as such:


    I don't think they've really made a film that's made any sense to me, but i still love em. None of the plots really go anywhere, its more just an excuse to show off a few fucking awesome characters


    Brad Pitts "security of your shit" Personal Trainer
    The Dude, Walter and Jesus
    Javier Bardiems bowlcut assassin
    Gabriel Byrnes irish mobster.
    Everyone in Fargo
  39. Gina Rinehart

    Gina Rinehart Thick as pigshit

    when I was young and first saw Alien
    I thought the star was Signourey's beaver
  40. Jather Fack

    Jather Fack gets! frocked! Umpire

    The last movie I watched was called 'Das Boot'. A bunch of Germans poncing about in a submarine singing merry sea shanties and swooning each other.
  41. Mancey

    Mancey Waiting for the Price Drop Stiff Member

    I really want to see a new Aliens film that is a spiritual successor to the second.

    But with someone like Annette Benning in the Sigorney role, packing shitloads of firepower.

    That would be awesome
  42. Gina Rinehart

    Gina Rinehart Thick as pigshit

    not a fan of German seamen
  43. Jather Fack

    Jather Fack gets! frocked! Umpire

    Wouldn't want to be one. 40 000 of those poor bastards went to sea in those U boat things, and only 10 000 came back. You'd nearly be safer in the Collingwood cheer squad.
  44. Swamp


    Event Horizon = great film

    If there is a better version of it out there, I want it. What is different? Just the violence? More explaination of wtf happened?
  45. Oscar Wilde

    Oscar Wilde Weedy ferker

    They never kept the scenes they cut out :( The director was really pissed off that they made him edit it out.

    Jather Fack:

    A mate of my fathers had a stepfather who was a uboat crewman during the 2nd world war.

    Apparently throughout the war him and his buddies had partied hard and drunk hard when they weren't at sea because they knew they might not get home. Then he comes to Australia, marries a single mother and then spends the next years of his life being a distance alcoholic stepfather in australia.
  46. Cletus Van Damme

    Cletus Van Damme Rambo is a pussy.

    You know when Sam Neil eats corn for dinner and then gives the leftovers to his dog who then takes a shit the next day and the shit is all studded with corn kernels and Sam Neil then steps in the shit while watering the garden and he now has corn studded shit stuck to the bottom of his birkenstocks? EVENT HORIZON IS ONE OF THOSE CORN KERNELS.

    In The Mouth Of Madness on the other hand is fucking awesome and the last great John Carpenter movie.
  47. crackers57

    crackers57 TLC Immortal

    An accurate review of said movie :thumbsu:
  48. Geelong_Sicko

    Geelong_Sicko proud Enemy of Israel Umpire

    Some hostility there for Event Horizon from GD! Did you want more gore? Were you offended by the aboriginal flag replacing the union jack on Sam Neil's uniform? Couldn't get your mind around the concept of Hell being in another dimension?

    Fuck it. Horses for courses, one man's trash is another's treasure, to each his own and all that shit. It's just strange that you reject one level of weirdness yet love the other.
  49. Cletus Van Damme

    Cletus Van Damme Rambo is a pussy.

    It was one of those movies that made me genuinely angry after seeing it. This doesn't happen often, I think the last one was The Village. The idea of Hell being another dimension is completely shit and Paul WS Anderson is just a horrible director. I can't believe he's plowing Milla Jovovich. I tend to avoid his movies since Event Horizon and it's widely accepted that he's shit so I don't get angry about him.

    What I do find annoying is that more people have seen Event Horizon than In The Mouth Of Madness which is a true horror movie. I rate it high enough that I bought the region 1 dvd just for John Carpenter's commentary.
  50. crackers57

    crackers57 TLC Immortal

    The Village = cuntload

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