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Rohan v sooz: you can only save one

Discussion in 'The Main Board but with less BAWW about Essendrug' started by Swamp, Apr 16, 2012.


Tateson vs Olsen

Poll closed May 16, 2012.
  1. Rohan Tateson - you can only save one

  2. Suzi Olsen

  3. Potato mandibles

  1. Burt

    Burt TLC Legend


    Didn't know she was constipated.
  2. schwab2clarkson

    schwab2clarkson Hawthorn

    Not yet!
    I did get an email a couple of weeks ago about what rohan had said.
    One of the media men has got no manners. He had rt'd an aweesome stat on aaron edwards and i had thanked him. Only to be blocked by him.
  3. Blitzer

    Blitzer "The GOATSE vs the True GOATSE" Umpire

    What did you say? "Here's an awesome Aaron Edwards stat, thanks you fucking cunt?"
  4. bushie

    bushie shakes head


    See s00z, block s00z.

    Enjoy getting unblocked by them mong.

    And post up the email, you lying cunt.
  5. Hugh Differential

    Hugh Differential AFL Umpiring Afficianado

    What the hell is rt'd?

    Also how awesome can one stat from Aaron Edwards be?
  6. Two Dogs Fucking

    Two Dogs Fucking TLC Original Umpire


    Three grams awesome?
  7. Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin drugs are fun! Umpire

    Rohan did, so there's the problem right there.
  8. pepe

    pepe Born to Swallow Administrator Umpire

    Stop horsing around
  9. Not Roddy

    Not Roddy Dirty Newbie

  10. Hugh Differential

    Hugh Differential AFL Umpiring Afficianado

    Makes sense that Sooz thinks retarded stats are awesome.
  11. schwab2clarkson

    schwab2clarkson Hawthorn

    For those who are stupid and are on twitter an RT is a retweet
  12. Kent Muscle

    Kent Muscle U mad Hilter?

    That would be you.

  13. Hobby Horse

    Hobby Horse Better than Jimmy's Umpire

    OK . I have fucked off to the pub and left them both to die.
  14. pepe

    pepe Born to Swallow Administrator Umpire

    The most sensible post in the history of man

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