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The effeminate voice that homosexual males have

Discussion in 'The Main Board but with less BAWW about Essendrug' started by Power King, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Power King

    Power King Rug Cutter

    All males with the 'effeminate voice' are indeed homosexual (or on the inevitable road to homosexual town).

    Not all homosexuals have the 'effeminate voice' however.

    ^This is my hypothesis. Seemingly it is common sense but some people disagree.

    Do you believe there are exceptions?

    More importantly, why do you think the 'effeminate voice' is acquired?

    Do you believe they speak like this naturally? If so, there must be an association between physiology and sexual orientation (perhaps hormonal, amongst other things).

    Or, do you believe it is put on, as some people tend to believe? I personally disagree with this simply because it would require too much effort to put up such a charade 24/7.

    I've read someone else draw the analogy with accents and countries that people grow up in and/or live in. I disagree with this analogy and cannot draw the similarity between them.

    I pride myself on being more accepting of people of all groups compared to the majority, but the 'effeminate voice' does annoy me within the confines of my own mind. It doesn't change the way I treat these people, but it is something that I do notice. It would be much better for the sake of my mental preconceived notions if homosexual males with the effeminate voice simply had a normal male voice.
  2. Syd

    Syd TLC Original Stiff Member Stiff Member Umpire

  3. Tex21

    Tex21 Change this bitch Umpire

    So what your saying is that All 'effeminate voiced' men are ghey, but not all gheys have an effeminate voice right? Implying that there are some gheys with a more masculine voice? How the fuck do we tell who they are?! Won't someone think of the Children!
  4. Jather Fack

    Jather Fack gets! frocked! Umpire

    I knew a bloke once who sounded extraordinarily effeminate, but turns out was not gay.

    Myth = busted.
  5. Draconian

    Draconian Dirty Newbie

    Female friend of ex's met a guy and he had a seriously effeminate voice and I was like what the fuck he has to be Gay?

    He already had two kids and they ended up marrying and having another kid. She had a good job and he ended up being the stay at home Dad. He was in heaven cause he loved housework.

    I used to say to him ' you sure your not Homo' and he would deny. Anyway, after ten years of marriage he leaves her and has a nervous breakdown because he is Gay and has suppressed it all these years.

    Last I heard he was living happily in Sydney, the Homo capital of the world, with another guy.

    In answer to OP question, I reckon effeminate voice = Ghey even if they deny it.
  6. Guy Incognito

    Guy Incognito End Apartheid

    Myth = plausible
  7. jimmy35

    jimmy35 TLC Original Umpire

  8. Gina Rinehart

    Gina Rinehart Thick as pigshit

    I become the tradie of choice for the pink dollar based on my voice.*
    Did a job for the Australian Ballet,got the job because the gay plumber liked my voice(he told me) then it was an avalanche of gay clients for years.

    *no homo
  9. wallace

    wallace registered user

    I always thought it was like people who grew up in certain neighbourhoods adopted a way of talking to identify with their peers, similar to how many gay people adopt the effeminate voice to identify with their sexual orientation.
  10. Jather Fack

    Jather Fack gets! frocked! Umpire

    is 'avalanche' some sort of gay sex lingo for something?
  11. Da Beast

    Da Beast Big boy

    Never met a bloke with a girly voice who is also a tough cunt, there has to be some sort of co-relation.
  12. Eli Cash

    Eli Cash Dirty Newbie

  13. Jather Fack

    Jather Fack gets! frocked! Umpire

  14. Da Beast

    Da Beast Big boy

    Well he did like to nibble on blokes ears and i've never met him :bogan:
  15. Gina Rinehart

    Gina Rinehart Thick as pigshit


    *will be bouncing Saturday

    no one believes the * anymore
  16. Jather Fack

    Jather Fack gets! frocked! Umpire

    you've seen/heard him on the telly. same thing as far as this goes :bert:
  17. jimmy35

    jimmy35 TLC Original Umpire

    Has a nice lisp tho.
  18. Power King

    Power King Rug Cutter

    My hypothesis is that if they aren't already gay, then they are on the inevitable path towards it. See the post after yours. Inevitable path.

    but then how do you explain the males in high school with the voice who have no clue what their sexual orientation is, let alone that they have an effeminate voice?

    Speaking of which, I wonder if adult males with the voice realise what they sound like.
  19. Gina Rinehart

    Gina Rinehart Thick as pigshit

    lots of men with deep voices have tossed the salad and still dont think their homo
  20. wallace

    wallace registered user

    low test levels

    in conclusion: a combination of low test levels and identifying with peers

    as to why not every gay guy speaks like that, is because some of them are more manly than others, as in a lesbian relationship where one is more 'butch' than the other, a gay relationship similarly has one more manly than the other


  21. Histrionics

    Histrionics Dirty Newbie

  22. Burt

    Burt TLC Legend

    Wow. Two spastic ranga kids and both named Declan. Whodathunkit?
  23. mudkipz (ded)

    mudkipz (ded) somebody call the slick police

    original dec looks a lot like daniel macpherson in that pic
  24. Spriteftw3

    Spriteftw3 Dirty Newbie

    wut double declan
  25. Power King

    Power King Rug Cutter

    I didn't write that no man with a deep voice is homosexual (obviously, some are).

    I'm saying that all men with effeminate voices are homosexual (or on the inevitable path towards it).
  26. BangBang

    BangBang Its me, not you.

    Know a guy that works with my wife as a receptionist. Voice is more female than Kylie Minogues. Has ten kids and also fucked my wife, i dont think he's that gay.
  27. crackers57

    crackers57 TLC Immortal

    Sounds like you probably are though
  28. BangBang

    BangBang Its me, not you.

    In a lithpy voice " Cum and find out big boy !! " ;)
  29. mudkipz (ded)

    mudkipz (ded) somebody call the slick police

    Geez I hate people who are homophobic.

    Power King get a fucking life would you.

    Gays and Lesbians have every fucking right to come out and tell the world of their sexual orientation. They don't need to have their fucking arse kicked because of some fuckwits who don't like the gay community.

    They don't have fucking germs, they are everyday people doing their own every day things.

    Power King you should really be acting your age and not your fucking shoe size.

    What you are saying about the gay community is something I expect a little prep kid would say.

    Grow up
  30. BangBang

    BangBang Its me, not you.

    They do if they poke donuts without a rubber.......btw, are you mad ?
  31. Draconian

    Draconian Dirty Newbie

    Does your "wife" have an Adams apple and post in the shaving thread?
  32. BangBang

    BangBang Its me, not you.

    Funny you say that.........

  33. Eli Cash

    Eli Cash Dirty Newbie

    this, also the aesthetics on old declan have increased significantly since joined the army.
  34. wallace

    wallace registered user

    today at school they had some random gay guest speaker in the main area of the entrance of the library...he headed the gay rights movement or some sh!t....i didnt really stick around but for the 30 seconds i passed by i heard several people booing him, calling him a phaggot, telling him to gtfo and generally talking sh!t to him
    we're in fuking college.....are people still this ********? do you really think he chose to like dudes and take it up the ass? brb getting yelled at by someone for liking tits and girls. makes as much fuking sense as that
  35. Latte with one

    Latte with one HAHAHA disregard that, I suck cocks!

    That needed to be said. :thumbsu:

    The whole thing about gay guys having a certain kind of voice may exist in some cases, but in my experience I have found this to be nothing more than a stereotype.
  36. Latte with one

    Latte with one HAHAHA disregard that, I suck cocks!

    This is really sad and you thought we were moving forward in becoming a more acceptable and harmonious society when it comes to things like gay/lesbian issues.

    I hope the kids who were welling out that shit were asked to explain themselves for what they said to him?>
  37. peternorth

    peternorth Umpire

    on the flip side have u heard a straight guy speak with a lisp or in an effeminate way?

    they are good people.
  38. Latte with one

    Latte with one HAHAHA disregard that, I suck cocks!

    One of my high school touches talked with a lisp and he was one of the better IT teachers that I ever had.
  39. Hoffy

    Hoffy Geelong are a, c & g Umpire

  40. pft

    pft Dirty Newbie


    My theory is that gays must get too much testosterone from the loads they take, thus body reacts to counteract testosterone overload and produces oestrogen, which makes voice high, hair shiny and legs fit well into skinny leg jeans.
  41. Jather Fack

    Jather Fack gets! frocked! Umpire

    yes, I think it is a bit demeaning to refer to your, um, friends as mere 'touches'.

    for shame.
  42. Ninth Tiger

    Ninth Tiger Enjoy the holiday Kluger

    Ha Ha * has a lisp.

    His parents should have invested in braces for the poor boy.

    [ Last warning on the naming names rule. Don't do it. - Roger ]
  43. Tex21

    Tex21 Change this bitch Umpire

    Ah wal, yesterday was a public holiday. May not have gone to school.

    Just sayin'.
  44. peternorth

    peternorth Umpire


    he did like to use his fingers.
  45. thegrach

    thegrach "I'm an F-18 Bro!"

    Carbs, I have some bad news for you mate.....
  46. Hoffy

    Hoffy Geelong are a, c & g Umpire

    The trick is to not swallow.

    It's how I maintain a strong deep voice. :thumbsu:
  47. Cash Money

    Cash Money They call me Cash Money. Stiff Member

    Not true. I know a couple of blokes with effeminate voices, and of the two only Syd is gay.
  48. crackers57

    crackers57 TLC Immortal

    So you're in the "Tranny's are women" camp then Chirf?
  49. Mancey

    Mancey Waiting for the Price Drop Stiff Member

    Any bloke that doesn't like footy and commodores is gay
  50. FarQue

    FarQue Bunga Bunga Umpire

    Got a mate whose dad has the most effeminate voice you've ever heard. It's a womans voice, pure and simple. He is a big, bristling mans man. When he talks its unnerving.

    We used to play cricket in the park behind his back fence. He called out to his son to come in for tea. Told us to go home. One of the boys ripped out "ok Mrs Coventry"*. He stuck his head over the fence and gave kid the thousand yard stare. Brix were shat, followed by lolz.

    *not real name

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