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This Weekend I will Be......

Discussion in 'The Main Board but with less BAWW about Essendrug' started by The Dog, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. The Dog

    The Dog Underaged

    In Keeping with the tradition, It's time to re create the weekend thread. A thread that was started by me but definately made famous by Muzza and his creation of the dynamic duo... Fatboy and Thickhead.....

    This weekend I will be taking one of these.....


    Down to this...


    With a few of these....

    and some of this.......


    Ending up like this.....
  2. Magnum27

    Magnum27 TLC Original Umpire

    Sympathy post :D
  3. crackers57

    crackers57 TLC Immortal

    Harvest time, Dog?

  4. Magnum27

    Magnum27 TLC Original Umpire

    Saturday- Heading to Geelong to watch a massacre and end the misery on what's been a dismal year for my football club.

    Nothing much else planned
  5. The Dog

    The Dog Underaged

    Suck my sympathy balls....:D
  6. Magnum27

    Magnum27 TLC Original Umpire

    with onion ? :D
  7. jimmy35

    jimmy35 TLC Original Umpire

    Hellboy 2 , footy , vege patch , ride on mower , picnic lunch , presentation night . In no particular order .
  8. SonOfReep

    SonOfReep Administrator Stiff Member

    Your bear suit freshly pressed jimmy?
  9. crackers57

    crackers57 TLC Immortal

    Goin to a friend's for the weekend to get........




    nad hopefully............

    ** Damned weblocker**
  10. Swamp


    Actually thinking about going down to see one of the international cup games. Will be shit footy but a good experience I'd reckon. Is anyone else contemplating this?
  11. jaxxon

    jaxxon ... Umpire

    Some major landscaping works unfortunately, probably both days.
  12. crackers57

    crackers57 TLC Immortal

    Hahahahaha The missus is making you do the gardening :D
  13. coughs2richo

    coughs2richo Weedy ferker

    goin to hawks vs carl game so i can hopefully touch buddy franklins firm butt checks when he slots hios 100th.

    also spend my satday nite peering through windows hopping to see some action that i can get off to

    or best case scenario

  14. clarkson2scott

    clarkson2scott Watching all of you

    Umpiring footy. I have got 4 games to umpire over the weekend. I have got an under 18's final at Darley between Lake wendouree and East Point. Then Saturday night I will be sitting back watching the hawks thrash the blues.
    Then on Sunday I have got 3 junior finals at wendouree reserve.
  15. hoppus

    hoppus So Electric

    Might head out tomorrow night, but probably won't.

    Will watch the Dogs game on Saturday before heading over to the other side of town for a mates' 20th.

    Nothing on Sunday.
  16. Catjizz Fake

    Catjizz Fake Nipples!

    Ron! :thumbsu:

    Good stuff Jimmy, feel free to give us a review. Should be great, have fun.
  17. CATS

    CATS Puss In Fuk Me Boots

    Going out to dinner and drinks with friends tomorrow night (for a friends b'day), then going down south with family and my puppy for a weekend away!


    Oh and alcohol will be involved in both nights! :D
  18. Whacker

    Whacker Troy and Abed in the morning

    post n00ds
  19. Swamp


    Make sure your puppy doesnt eat any shit while you're down there
  20. CATS

    CATS Puss In Fuk Me Boots

    My puppy doesnt eat shit - she does eat grass though. Which does it make it a bit embarrasing to take her for walks sometimes.
  21. Ben Carbonaro

    Ben Carbonaro Listen to Carbo's Load

    Doing the stats for the Werribee v Williamstown game, writing some articles and doing a uni assignment.

    Will have a few drinks and somehow manage to do my Saturday morning radio segment too.
  22. CATS

    CATS Puss In Fuk Me Boots

    Will you be doing it drunk?

    I will make sure the radio is on if you will do the segment drunk.
  23. Brenno

    Brenno Dirty Newbie

    ill hit the town looking for a new cook, and consume a lot of alcohol:thumbsu:
  24. jimmy35

    jimmy35 TLC Original Umpire

    Put off until next Tuesday now Jake . My young blokes got a birthday party on Saturday .

    Shall let you know .
  25. Runk

    Runk WHAM!!

    Hockey on saturday in Geelong :thumbsd: & then to Telstra Dome on Sunday in the Medallion Room (two free tcikets) Yeah!:thumbsu:
  26. Machete KruZin

    Machete KruZin Big Boy

    Going to the Dome tonight to watch the Carlton v Hawthorn game with my father inlaw. Hopefullly the Hawks will take it easy on us or the old guy will not let me hear the end of it. Last game of the year for me, just hope it's a good game and we don't get hammered by too much.

    Go Blues!
  27. CatCake

    CatCake Invited the wheel

    Who else is fucking hungover ?

    Drank half a carton of stout and played dbz on the mighty wii last night.
  28. Bushpig Mk II

    Bushpig Mk II Enjoy your ban.

    watching DVD'S new stuff not yet released here in Oz.
  29. Jack Frost

    Jack Frost Do you like eating out ?

    Having a tongue reduction.
  30. Fapio

    Fapio fed up with this world!

    Drink some goon and head into town and drug myself up and have a blurred night. Same as every Saturday night...:)
  31. Chrisrocks53

    Chrisrocks53 COLESLAW!

    Cricket Training in the morning; not even a real one, just tons of running and fielding.

    Then have to write up two essays about Radio and a childhood memory. Should be an uber fun day. :(
  32. PowerKat

    PowerKat TLC Original

    A little hungover today after a work-related freebie piss up lat night, so couldn't be bothered doing much today other than watch 3 games of footy. Nice to see my team finally play a decent game of footy, even though half the side was out :rolleyes:

    Out and about tomorrow catching up with a few people.
  33. Fapio

    Fapio fed up with this world!

    North were meditating in preparation for the finals, I swear!;)
  34. Swamp


    Woke up this morning at the missus' with a black eye and no recolection of the nights events. Party started at 2 and the last thing i remember is Buddy sloting the ton. Apparantly I couldnt get in the pub then no-one saw me. No idea how i got anywhere.

    On another note, did you run on the ground Kruzin?
  35. Machete KruZin

    Machete KruZin Big Boy

    I did actually. :D Did you guys see me on TV?:p

    Like nearly everyone else at the game I stayed right to the end of the game hoping to run out on the ground again. Spewing Fev didn't get there..oh well.

    Took an hour to walk to the Casino to pick the car up. Was like march of the penguins trying to leave the Dome last night.
  36. FG

    FG Des Hasler

    An hour from TD to the Casino? Christ, that is horrific.
  37. clarkson2scott

    clarkson2scott Watching all of you

    Haha carn the hawks. Pity that Fev wasn't able to kick his 100th goal. Good to see that Buddy was able to kick his 100th goal.
  38. jimmy35

    jimmy35 TLC Original Umpire

    Disappointing . Maybe I expected to much . It was far cheesier than I expected . The troll market was like the lovechild of Diagon Alley and the Star Wars cantina scene .

    Picked up a bit after that .
  39. clarkson2scott

    clarkson2scott Watching all of you

    Friday - watching Hawthorn take on the bulldogs from my parents place (which I am at now) with the dog sitting on my lap.
    Saturday - Goal umpiring the lexton plains U/14's Grand Final between Ararat and Skipton. Then relaxing at home. Watch more footy, maybe listening to the game.
    Sunday - Umpiring two prelim finals in the BJFL (Ballarat Junior Footy League) U/15's and U/16.5's at Wendouree reserve number 1 oval. Then I will be watching the footy again.
  40. Catjizz Fake

    Catjizz Fake Nipples!

    That's no good jimmy, no good at all. :thumbsd:

    I'll still see it at some point, but with lowered expectations I guess. which isn't so bad.

    Thanks for the tip :thumbsu:
  41. Hawks1523

    Hawks1523 Ridiculously good looking.

    Working at 5am.
    Finish at 2pm.
    Homw and shower, head to the London for pre-game drinks for Hawks Dogs game.
    After game drinks, either celebratory or otherwise.

    Sleep until about 1pm.
    Get up and shower, have breakfast.
    Go out and buy drinks for my mates 21st that night.
    *All a blur form here*

    Wake up from said 21st, with four random naked women beside me. :eek:
  42. Gina Rinehart

    Gina Rinehart Thick as pigshit

    planting 300 olives
    200 Peacans
    30 assorted citrus
    Watch Hawks and other footy
    Drink and eat
  43. Runk

    Runk WHAM!!

    It's now Tuesday and we demand an update and n00dz.
  44. jimmy35

    jimmy35 TLC Original Umpire

    Going to Melbourne to see the Pies and the Saints .
  45. clarkson2scott

    clarkson2scott Watching all of you

    Friday - packing and going back to my place
    Saturday - relaxing watching footy.
    Sunday - umpiring an u/15's Ballarat Junior Football League Grand Final at the Eastern oval. (anyone willing to come and show some support) North Ballarat vs Ballarat.
  46. PowerKat

    PowerKat TLC Original


    oh well
  47. clarkson2scott

    clarkson2scott Watching all of you

    Thursday - Presentation Night at Umpiring.
    Friday - watching the first prelim final Geelong vs Bulldogs
    Saturday - Going to the Grand Final Brekky and watching Ballarat hopefully thrash Darley.
    Saturday night - Barracking very hard for the hawks against the saints.
    Sunday - Recovering from the weekend.

    I put thursday on the list because I will be on holidays.
  48. jimmy35

    jimmy35 TLC Original Umpire

    All good things come to an end .

    I strangely found myself checking out forearms , Cinderella style , whilst I walked around for some reason .
  49. PowerKat

    PowerKat TLC Original

    lol :D
  50. Runk

    Runk WHAM!!

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