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Today in History ...

Discussion in 'The Main Board but with less BAWW about Essendrug' started by Jather Fack, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Jather Fack

    Jather Fack gets! frocked! Umpire

    1996 – While attempting to set a record as the youngest person to pilot an airplane across the United States, the aircraft flown by seven-year-old Jessica Dubroff crashed in Cheyenne, Wyoming, killing her and two others.


    Amazed I don't remember hearing about this. Sounds memorable.
  2. darcytiger

    darcytiger Pro Lurker Umpire

    Started prep that year. Should of had a crack at it myself and outdid her.

    At least she died doing what she* loved.

    *Her parents
  3. Tex21

    Tex21 Change this bitch Umpire

    Fucking women drivers
  4. Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin drugs are fun! Umpire

    Sounds hilarious.

    "Oh how cute, 7 year old piloting a plane, what can go wrong?"
  5. _JC_

    _JC_ Do you take plastic?


    Saw username and lol'd
  6. Dan

    Dan (๏ Y ๏)

    Fuck that takes me back
  7. Kent Muscle

    Kent Muscle U mad Hilter?

    Jessica Watson eat your heart out.
  8. peternorth

    peternorth Umpire

    hansie > her
  9. Guy Incognito

    Guy Incognito End Apartheid

    Twenty-four hours into her quest, her Cessna 177B Cardinal single engine propeller aircraft, flown by her flight instructor, crashed after takeoff from Cheyenne Regional Airport in Cheyenne, Wyoming, killing all on board:

  10. Blitzer

    Blitzer "The GOATSE vs the True GOATSE" Umpire

    :thumbsu: :D Well played!

    ANd yeah I don't remember this either, I guess sometimes we have dreams and they all come crashing down.
  11. Jather Fack

    Jather Fack gets! frocked! Umpire

    Am surprised no one has made a slapstick comedy about it

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