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Vale Murray Rose

Discussion in 'The Main Board but with less BAWW about Essendrug' started by pickman, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. pickman

    pickman The voice of reason Umpire

    I'll never forget that swim he had at the Gabba
  2. Blitzer

    Blitzer "The GOATSE vs the True GOATSE" Umpire

    I thought he already died? Anyway i'll never forget his fight against "Fighting" Harada.
  3. darcytiger

    darcytiger Pro Lurker Umpire

    Lionel Rose - Boxer

    Murray Rose - Swimmer

    At least he died doing what he loved. Battling cancer
  4. Tex21

    Tex21 Change this bitch Umpire

    Serves the cunt right for not turning up to the R&R HoF.
  5. Mofra

    Mofra Hello Umpire

    Out, and ashamed of it
  6. schwab2clarkson

    schwab2clarkson Hawthorn

    RIP Murray Rose.

    Lost his battle with Leukaemia today.

    Think of the Olympics and Swimming for those of you who are getting him and Lionel Rose mixed up.
  7. schwab2clarkson

    schwab2clarkson Hawthorn


    Actually you might want to edit that post.

    Think you will find that he was in hospital, terminally ill with Leukaemia.
  8. _JC_

    _JC_ Do you take plastic?

    Still just cause he had a falling out with Slash and Duff doesn't mean he shouldn't accept his nomination.
  9. Hoffy

    Hoffy Geelong are a, c & g Umpire

    Why the fuck would Luke Emia be there? Why bring him into it? :confused:
  10. crackers57

    crackers57 TLC Immortal

    Surely deserved a :bert:
  11. Gina Rinehart

    Gina Rinehart Thick as pigshit

    Must be some bad blood between them ?
  12. peternorth

    peternorth Umpire


    Gotta say, the collingwood scum deserved it.
  13. Majak Milne

    Majak Milne TLC Original Administrator Umpire

    as someone who respects our aboriginal heritage in Australia I must say vale Murray Rose.

    You fought the good fight and lost but I will always love you. I hope more aboriginals take up boxing and swimming because of you, to win a boxing title and a swimming gold is amazing and a feat no one will ever again accomplish.

    If murray rose wants to die, let him do this.
  14. peternorth

    peternorth Umpire

  15. Blitzer

    Blitzer "The GOATSE vs the True GOATSE" Umpire

  16. crackers57

    crackers57 TLC Immortal

  17. Hoffy

    Hoffy Geelong are a, c & g Umpire

  18. crackers57

    crackers57 TLC Immortal

    A game plan mastermind
  19. Hoffy

    Hoffy Geelong are a, c & g Umpire

    Double dose of meds to put our dear lass to sleep tonight I think. :D

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