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Yet another s00z wannabe

Discussion in 'The Main Board but with less BAWW about Essendrug' started by peternorth, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. peternorth

    peternorth Umpire

  2. Nathan Horsecock

    Nathan Horsecock I am a famous racehorse! Umpire

    "im a multitasker, sometimes I cook and smoke"
  3. Harley

    Harley The light that casts no shadow

  4. FarQue

    FarQue Bunga Bunga Umpire

    To be fair, she had no make up on.

    Has a few things going for her though. Obviously doesn't spend her days sitting around posting shite on forums. Funny, bubbly personality, supportive boyfriend, outgoing, last resort bucks night stripper.

    Having said all that, and call me a grumpy old cunt, but I'd want to punch her in the head after 5 minutes. Sooz>>>>goal post girl
  5. Higgs Boson

    Higgs Boson TLC Original Stiff Member

    No. Nothing going for her. Horrid
  6. crackers57

    crackers57 TLC Immortal

    Vale FarQue
  7. Dan

    Dan (๏ Y ๏)

    Needs more Chelsea
  8. Burt

    Burt TLC Legend



    Pole smoking bish is a disgrace, not even a real umpire.
  9. JockStewart

    JockStewart DELETED @Users Request

    I click on the link thinking it's actually some hot bird..its a fucken netball looking cum goal umpire whos name i bet is kelly and she decided to dress up like a slut..fuck me whats the world coming too when plane jane netballers called kelly decide that they need to sex up goal umpiring..and dressing like that.
  10. Mr Percival

    Mr Percival Beard up, it's just so hipster Umpire

    Wot is this ?
    I don't even...

    " I've worked all the poles in Gippsland, so now it's time to work some poles in the AFL"

    Perhaps she needs to be introduced to Kimmy for some tips ?
  11. dmc333

    dmc333 harry and kittens and love Umpire

    Sooz is better looking.

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